Skin kezelést és a cukorbetegség. Pikkelysömör és cukorbetegség kezelése

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With age, collagen decreases in our skin, where UV radiation plays a major role. For optimum results, dermaroller is recommended in a cure approximately 6 treatments are required, but in some cases, up to 10 treatments may be required, eg for acne skin.

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We wait min. Similarly to Dermaroller treatment, this is also an anti-aging treatment with needle mesotherapeutic technique, which not only results in younger, firmer skin, but it also has a beneficial effect on scars and wrinkles.

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Very spectacular results can be achieved without surgical intervention! With Mesofill-R, micro-injuries are created on the skin, which causes the self-healing mechanism of vörös hajú cukorbetegség tissues and its own collagen production, so the healing process causes the skin to stretch, renew, wrinkles and scars disappear!

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Efficiency can be enhanced by filling various regenerative substances into the skin through small wounds caused by punctures. There is a noticeable improvement after treatments, but generally treatments are required to achieve the right effect. We repeat the treatment in weeks depending on the skin type.

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The mild redness of the skin after treatment and the location of the punctures can be immediately covered with a primer. The next day no signs of treatment can be seen, but sunscreen should be used for 2 weeks.

A cukorbetegség kezelése - dr. Csőkör Katalin

MesoFill-R is much more gentle to your skin than dermaroller during treatment!