Journal of diabetology impact factor, Clinical Neuroscience

journal of diabetology impact factor

Current issue Archives Special issues SinceClinical Neuroscience has provided for the publishing of clinical neurological papers in Hungarian in order to preserve and improve the technical mother tongue for both Hungarian and non-Hungarian authors.

In addition, publications in English facilitate integration into the international scientific life. The objective of this journal is to display the widest range of clinical neurological sciences, and to provide a space for publishing on the highest professional levels.

journal of diabetology impact factor

By presenting various pathologies using a novel approach or by describing evidence-based therapies, it endeavours to serve good clinical practices. It also provides space for presenting and first publishing cutting-edge preclinical and experimental findings.

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With the above, Clinical Neuroscience wishes to offer the highest level forum within the frameworks of clinical neurology for the scientific and professional collaboration and joint thinking between authors and readers. The aim of Clinical Neuroscience Ideggyógyászati Szemle is to provide a forum for the exchange of clinical and scientific information for a multidisciplinary community.

journal of diabetology impact factor

The Clinical Neuroscience will be of primary interest to neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrist and clinical specialized psycholigists, neuroradiologists and clinical neurophysiologists, but original works in basic or computer science, epidemiology, pharmacology, etc.

Manuscript submission: The method of submitting manuscripts by e-mail, by sending a cover letter to dr. Tibor Kovács to the editor-in-chief: kovacs. Instuction for authors. Published bimonthly.

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